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Polymer Chain, Inc. was established in December 2005 by Russ Sharnsky formerly President of Horizon Plastics, Inc. Polymer Chain, Inc. buys and sells regrind, scrap, reprocessed, wide-spec and prime, virgin thermoplastics. Polymer Chain, Inc. has over 40 years of combined plastics experience and has grown the business by being responsive to their customers needs. Our …

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Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help meet your resin and recycling requirements. Polymer Chain, Inc. 471 Augusta Drive Fairlawn, OH  44333-9214 Phone:   330-665-2971 Fax:       330-666-4106

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Always buying TPE regrind up to 80 Shore A durometer.  Kraton based or EPDM Based. SEND ME YOUR OFFERS. TPE Feedstocks EPDM (Santoprene) based regrind or SEBS (Kraton) 70 Shore A and lower needed. Any Quantity. PVC Rigid White only injection molding grade regrind.